Tiggers Don't Climb Trees

Of course they can. Tiggers can do everything.' 'Can they climb trees better then Pooh?' asked Roo, stopping under the tallest Pine Tree, and looking up at it. 'Climbing trees is what they do the best,' said Tigger. 'Much better then Poohs.' 'Could they climb this one?' 'They're always climb trees like that,' said Tigger. 'Up and down all day.' 'Oo Tigger, are they really?' 'I'll show you,' said Tigger bravely, 'and you can sit on my back and watch me.' For all the things which he had said Tiggers could do, the only one he felt really certain about suddenly was climbing trees.

'Oo, Tigger-oo, Tigger-oo. Tigger!' squeaked Roo excitedly. So he sat on Tigger's back and up they went. And for the first ten feet Tigger said happily to himself, 'Up we go!' And for the next ten feet he said: 'I always said Tiggers could climb trees.' And for the next ten feet he said: 'Not that it's easy, mind you.' And for the next ten feet he said: 'Of course, there's the coming down too. Backwards.' And then he said: 'Which will be difficult...' 'Unless one fell...' 'When it would be...' 'EASY.'

And at the word 'easy', the branch he was standing on broke suddenly and he just managed to clutch at the one above him as he felt himself going...and then slowly he got his chin over it...and then one back paw...and then the other...until at last he was sitting on it, breathing very quickly, and wishing that he gone for swimming instead. Roo climbed off, and sat down next to him. 'Oo, Tigger,' he said excitedly, 'are we at the top?' 'No,' said tigger. 'Are we going to the top?' 'NO,' said Tigger...

...'There's something in one of the Pine Trees.' 'So there is!' said Pooh, looking up wonderingly. 'There's an animal.' Piglet took Pooh's arm, in case Pooh was frightened. 'Is it one of the Fiercer Animals?' he said, looking the other way. Pooh nodded. 'It's a Jagular,' he said. 'what do Jagulars do?' asked Piglet, hoping that they wouldn't. 'They hide in the branches of trees, and drop on you as you go underneath,' said Pooh. 'Christopher Robin told me.' 'Perhaps we better hadn't go underneath, Pooh. In case he dropped and hurt himself.' 'They don't hurt themselves, ' said Pooh. 'They're such very good droppers.'

Piglet still felt that to be underneath a Very Good Dropper would be a mistake, and he was just going to hurry back for something which he had forgotten when the Jagular called out to them. 'Help! Help!' it called. 'That's what Jagulars always do,' said Pooh, much interested. 'They call "Help! Help!" and then when you look up, they drop on you,' 'I'm looking down,' cried Piglet loudly, so as the Jagular shouldn't do the wrong thing by accident. Something very excited next to the Jagular heard him, and squeaked: Pooh and Piglet! Pooh and Piglet!' All of sudden Piglet felt that it was a much nicer day then he had thought it was. All warm and sunny-'Pooh!' he cried. 'I believe it's Tigger and Roo!'