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Rabbit is one of the two real name animals in Winnie the Pooh, the other being Owl. Rabbit is different from the rest of the animals in the sense that his name is that of a real animal. Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore are the original stuff toys that belonged to Christopher Robin. As the story of Winnie the Pooh advanced and expanded, the Author A.A. Milne felt the need to fill in more characters and hence the introduction of Rabbit.

Rabbit happens to be one of the two animals in the 100 Acre Wood who has a brain and he highlights this fact when he in a conversation with Owl comments “You and I have brains. The others have fluff”. For this very reason he counts himself to be an important member of the 100 Acre Wood. He also comes across as a responsible rabbit and is a good friend of Winnie the Pooh. He is always practical in all matters and keeps his friends on the go; at times the other characters unintentionally raise his ire. Rabbit likes to organise things, write notices signed Rabbit and see what everybody else think about them. He also likes to take charge of group events, even if nothing gets done. He is probably the smartest amongst all his other animal friends in the forest (that’s his personal opinion), and he is mostly the self-appointed leaders of the entire group. Rabbit at times comes across as being stubborn when it comes to his viewpoints. He also tends to overreact in haste but all of his friends are aware that beneath his slightly bristly exterior lies a good heart. Once he realizes his mistake, he has the ability to admit that he was wrong.

Rabbit starts off in the 100 Acre Wood as the owner of a single hole and in that hole Pooh finds himself stuck. He is very particular about his garden and won’t allow even his best friends in when he is at work within his garden. He also displays certain reluctance when any newcomer is visiting him; this is evident in the first book itself when he meets Kanga & Roo for the 1st time. On their arrival, Rabbit is a bit skeptical to meeting them. But with some passage of time he settles to become good friends with all.

Rabbit has quite a number of relatives and friends and thus he considers himself to be a good organizer. When a situation demands good organization then Rabbit is at his best. He relishes having the opportunity to organize a plan and take charge of the situation, one such plan that Rabbit planned was to scare Kanga which he did by hiding Roo. He also put together a plan to “unbounce” Tigger. When there is a search operation that is undertaken to Search for Small that too is organized by Rabbit. Though he meticulously plans each of his plans yet he misses some finer details which in turn lead them going wrong is some way. He usually includes Pooh and Piglet while planning and if ever he needs an opinion then he approaches Owl when there is “thinking to be done”.

As for his relationship with Christopher Robin, he is of the opinion that Christopher is the one who tends to depend on this relationship. Rabbit also has very cordial relations with all the other small insects and animals that reside in the forest. These animals and insects are usually referred to as being his “friends & relations”. Many of them have a name for identification such as a beetle called Alexander Bettle, a wasp named Small, there is one more beetle who is names Henry Rush, additionally there are 3 unspecified creatures referred to as Late, Smallest-of-All and Early. So large is Rabbit’s family that according to his estimates he would require 17 pockets if the need would arise to carry his entire family along with him.

Rabbit resides in a house that is located in the Northern Central area of the 100 Acre Wood, lying amidst the sandy pit where Roo plays and the section where his friends-and-relations reside. His favorite food is vegetables and that's why he loves gardening.

Rabbit hates being interrupted when he is engaged in any activity and he hates being bounced. He also tries to avoid Pooh at Lunchtime, sometimes without success.

Junius Matthew provided the voice for Rabbit in the Disney Winnie the Pooh movies.

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