Just Pooh in the Press

Just Pooh is now over 13-years old! In this time, we've been blessed to have had so many visitors to the site, receive such warm and supporting feedback and be mentioned on so many other websites.

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Here are some example sites that have mentioned Just Pooh:

  • The world-famous BBC linked to Just Pooh in a featured story about Pooh's 75th Birthday.

  • The BBC also ran a news article about the website. legal disputes with Disney and Winnie the Pooh, and mentioned Pooh's 75th Birthday.

  • The Daily Telegraph, one of the most well regarded British newspapers also mentioned Just Pooh in an article about the legal rights to the Pooh stories.

  • The official website for Ashdown Forest links to the Just Pooh homepage as the best place to find out more about Pooh bear and his friends.