Winnie and Eeyore are the winners

June 6, 2008
Dressed up lamb as Eeyore

It’s usually all very gloomy for Eeyore but at the Douglas County Lamb Show it was time to celebrate and rejoice as Eeyore and his pal Winnie the Pooh had lots to smile about. Eeyore along with Pooh were awarded the title of the ‘cutest’ in the Decorator Class.

3 year old Amelia Murphy belonging to Roseburg, daughter of Pat and Abbie Murphy played Winnie the Pooh while a North Country Cheviot lamb aged 4 months and named Patch donned the colors of Eeyore. Amelia had a particular reason for choosing Patch to play Eeyore, generally Cheviot breed is completely white but Patch has black ears thus Amelia found Patch best suited to play Eeyore.

Amelia and the lamb put in a lot of hard work and prepared for a period of one month for this show. Amelia’s family has 40 Cheviot ewes all pure-bred and they are the only family in the entire Douglas County region who own a pure-bred Cheviot flock. There is another amazing fact about the young Cheviots that is they fall onto the ground (at birth) and jump onto their feet right away. These lambs are sold so that the Cheviot breeds get to mix up with neighboring bloodlines.