Pooh comes to life at Dallas Theater with marionettes

March 4, 2008

Kids of all age had were left holding their stomachs when they saw Pooh’s head stuck in a honey jar and Pooh and Piglet falling flat on their backs while going deep into thoughts. The Dallas Children’s Theater presents the Kathy Burks Theater of Puppetry Arts’ production of The House at Pooh Corner. The show is brought to you with the aid of marionettes that date back some 70 years and are the same that performed in the White House for President Roosevelt and his family.

When the show took place on Sunday it was clear that not sensational was attempted, rather it was like living in the good old days when life was merrier and not so fast paced. It seemed more of an attempt by B. Wolf to take a leaf out of Milne’s books for good hearted renditions of 4 vignettes: Piglet and Pooh hunting a heffalump, Owl trying to search for a new house after his house is blown down, Eeyore trying to find the missing sticks that once formed his house and Christopher Robin bidding adieu as he sets off to join school. In the background, Frideric Handel's Water Music and Antonio Vivaldi's The Four Seasons play.

The show begins with pictures from the original Pooh illustrations by E. Shepherd being flashed on a screen place above and a recording of Kenny Loggins singing “Return to Pooh Corner”. It is quite important as kids have grown up watching Disney’s animated Winnie the Pooh and would be surprised to see how different the original Pooh is from what they have been accustomed to watching. The voices were provided by local artist and they do not try to replicate Disney. Many of the children in the audience were aged between 1 to 5 years old.