Disney Friends latest Pooh venture

July 9, 2007

Disney Interactive Studios recently came up with its newest venture for Nintendo DS and it is not a 2D side-scrolling performer based upon its latest blockbuster movie. Rather it sounds like its most famous characters have been thrown around into a money spinning game. Disney calls it a virtual life simulator where characters such as Stitch, Winnie the Pooh, Dory and Simba are there to play with you. You get to be the guardians for these Disney characters, you have to befriend them by taking care of their needs and feeding them and also not letting them get bored. Plus Disney says it improves emotional bonding which is something I fail to understand, absolute crap.

“This game is meant for kids all ages, they shall learn to start making friends with their favorite Disney characters, take the responsibilities of caring and nurturing their friends. Disney Friends is more than just pet simulations the adventure is far greater and players also get to explore film locations and get to re-enact memorable scenes.” This is what Craig Relyea, vice president of marketing for Disney Interactive Studios has to say about the game.