Honey sales grow in UK

June 29, 2007

People in Britain are turning their backs on marmalade and are steadily opting for honey as part of their morning breakfast. Some see it as a battle between the 2 famous bears’ favorite food. Winnie the Pooh as we all know love his ‘Hunny’ and Paddington Bear fancies marmalade. For now though Winnie the Pooh’s honey has the edge over marmalade. For the period of 2004-2006 sales of marmalade have gone down 10 percent while during the same period honey sales have grown by 14 percent. These results have come to fore as part of the research carried by consumer analyst Mintel.

Honey has over taken marmalade as the 2nd most favored product behind jam in the sweet spreads market. A senior market analyst at Mintel, Julie Sloan said that the reason behind the increased popularity of honey is due to its health benefits. She said: "Honey sales have done particularly well in recent years, as it has successfully highlighted all its natural credentials, making most of Britain's recent obsession with all things natural and organic. That’s good enough reason for Pooh to keeping smiling all day long.