Judge in California allows Winnie the Pooh socks

July 18, 2008
Pooh socks

A judge in Northern California has blocked a school from enforcing its rigid dress code. The reason behind the injunction is that the same dress code got a 7th grade student named Toni Kay Scott into trouble when she wore a pair of socks that has a Winnie the Pooh character ‘Tigger’ decorate on her socks for which she was taken to the schools principal’s office and reprimanded. This is did not go down well and 15 students and parents filed a lawsuit against the Napa Valley Unified School District’s “appropriate attire policy” was against their right to free speech.

Napa County Superior Court Judge Raymond Guadagni ruled July 2 in favor of 15 students and parents. In his judgement said that students are not doing anything wrong when expressing themselves through attire that only when not making a stand on gang membership or drug use. Well Winnie the Pooh can now go to school as a mascot for being the friendliest bear either on a pair of socks or on kids’ water bottles.