Disney Live Winnie the Pooh

May 18, 2008

Disney Live – Winnie the Pooh, the tickets are on sale. To be held at the Alltel Arena, just one show slated for November 7th at 6:30pm. The tickets are priced at $50, $42, $32, $22 and $15. Those who want to buy the tickets can do so at the arena box office and at the outlets of the Ticketmaster, just call (501) 975-7575 or visit their website, ticketmaster.com.

It’s a complete family interactive show and a magnificent theatrical experience; here audiences “imitate Pooh’s famous ‘stoutness’ exercises”, play with Rabbit’s extra large garden vegetables and also get to learn Tigger’s high-spirited Whoop-de-Dooper Bounce all the way the audience and Winnie the Pooh’s characters bound with one another and create some of the magic from the hundred acre wood.