Winnie the Pooh: What's a Bear to do? Puzzle Book

October 10, 2010
Winnie the Pooh iOS App

As a charming way to keep young children entertained parents will be interested to know that our favourite bear Winnie the Pooh is now available as a Disney Book App for download on Apple iPad and iPhone.

‘’What’s a bear to do when his tummy is rumbly?’’ asks this delightful Winnie the Pooh puzzle book app; inviting users to read along and interact with Pooh by helping the hungry bear collect honey pots and complete different challenges along the way. A Visual Index allows players to navigate their way through this colourfully illustrated story to their favourite part or puzzle.

There is plenty of fun to be had with the different puzzles, Tap ‘n’ Play surprises, sound effects and background music and with a choice of three reading modes; it all adds up to an engaging treat for the young-ones.

This App is available as a download from iTunes for just $0.99.