New Children's Book Has Winnie the Pooh and Star Wars Together

August 25, 2010
Pictures from Pooh Star Wars

Most Winnie the Pooh and Star Wars fans would not have imagined that these characters would feature in a book together. But thanks to the efforts of James Hance and his new book titled 'Wookiee The Chew - The House at Chew Corner' where he pays tribute to the brilliance of the likes of A. A. Milne, E. Shepherd and George Lucas.

The book is styled on similar lines as the original Winnie the Pooh books, while combining bipolar worlds of Pooh and Star Wars with a degree of outstanding results that will surely have fans and readers appreciating the work done.

The series has 4 images showing Han Solo as Christopher Robin, while Chewbacca takes on the role of Pooh bear. R2-D2 is seen making an appearance in the form of Piglet.