High Water Levels Leads to Cancelation of 'Pooh Sticks' Event

March 25, 2010

Throwing sticking into the river is Winnie the Pooh's favorite pastime and 'Poohsticks', a game created by the author of 'Winnie the Pooh' books A. A. Milne is an event that is held each year. This year is no different, the Rotary Club of Oxford Spires in Oxfordshire, England, will be organizing the 26th "World Pooh Sticks Championships" on the River Thames.

People playing Pooh Sticks

The event is a way by which fans pay homage to this simple yet great fun game that Pooh and his friends would play. The game is a simple one and has simple rules as well; you have to drop a stick into the water, whilst standing on a bridge. The stick that emerges from the water first and reaches the other side of the bridge is the winner.

According to organizer Lil Williamson, the game is all about luck rather than skills, demonstrated by the fact that there has never been a repeat winner in the twenty six year history of the championships.

The Championship raises money through donations and entrance fee which is then distributed amongst charities and other local organizations.

But amidst all the fanfare and excitement surrounding the event, the BBC has reported that this year's event has been canceled because of heavy rains, which has meant that water levels have risen prompting the Environment Agency to put red flags up.

Confirming the reports, organizer Lil Williamson has said that this is only the 2nd time in the history of the championships that the event has been canceled. He added, "Although it's a fun event we wouldn't want to put anyone in danger." No confirmation has been given on the rescheduling of the event which is mostly likely to now be held at the end of the summers when there is less boat traffic on the River Thames.

Surely this news will disappoint fans many of whom travel to the UK from America, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and other parts of Europe.