Eeyore's Birthday Celebrated in Austin

April 24, 2010

Each year April 24 is the day when the droopy and loveable donkey from 'Winnie the Pooh' series celebrates his birthday and this year was no different as people in Austin, Texas flocked to Pease Park to show their love for Eeyore.

The characteristics of Eeyore are something that makes him one of the most favourite characters from the Winnie the Pooh series. His name stands for the onomatopoeic expression 'hee-haw,' a sound that we all can easily associate with that of a usual donkey. The other characteristic that fans really like about Eeyore is his tail; his tail is a long one with a pink bow tied at its end. Eeyore is very fond of his tail but he also has a habit of losing it.

Eeyore's birthday has been celebrated by people in Austin every year since 1963 and it is their way of welcoming spring. It all started when college students decided that they would want to throw a party to celebrate this special Winnie the Pooh character. Since then there have various additions to the celebrations, live music, food, and costume contest and kids zone are very much a part of the celebrations each year. Over the years people from different parts of the world have started taking part in the event to mark the birthday of their most loved donkey.

Funds collected from this event are given to non-profit organizations in the city. This is really a great way to celebrate Eeyore's birthday and we can all together say 'hee-haw,' birthday!