Telecom New Zealand releases Pooh Phonecard Series

July 12, 1998

A.A. Milne's stories need no introduction, they have been loved by generations of children and their parents ever since they were first published in 1926. Disney worked their magic with the original drawings and the result: a fantastic new freshness and vigour giving them an arresting and adorable dimension for this Pooh Phonecard Series.

Only 1100 cards of each design have been produced, and 750 of these are being sold in presentation packs. The price for a set of four mint phonecards is $US 22, which includes airmail postage. If you would like to purchase this real collectors-item, please email David Levin with your requirements. To view this set or for further information check his site. Also available are other Disney phonecards, like Pocohontas, Lion King and Snow White.