Peter Dennis passes away

April 30, 2009
Photo of Peter Dennis, cartoonist for Winnie the Pooh

The recent death of Peter Dennis on April 18 2009 has left the cartoon lovers in deep mourning as we lost a great performer and true lover of Winnie the Pooh and A. A. Milne’s other classics. Dennis lived for 75-years and dedicated his life to research on the life of Winnie and the inhabitants of Hundred Acre Wood. Thanks to his efforts, the world was introduced with the way of living of these characters which embarked new spirit in the readers. Dennis loved Winnie and made the bear’s golden (fiftieth) birthday most remarkable with presenting a reading at the ADC Theatre, Cambridge in 1976. The crowd was enthralled by the readings and soon “Bother!” Pooh’s favorite exclamation attracted millions of people.

After deep research and interest in the Pooh series, Dennis confessed that the books are not only aimed at young children. His first show on Winnie and his friends grabbed great applause and he soon became world renowned. Dennis was very successful in identifying the peculiar and attractive traits of all characters of the books by Milne on Winnie and was able to mould and streamline them to add life to his shows. Born in Dorking, Surrey, Dennis’s childhood was not very easy and fun. His journey to the performing arts world began at the age of 29 when he realized that theater is his place to be. Starting in Birmingham, he soon became a star performer in various shows and productions.

His love and dedication towards Pooh will be remembered forever. When presenting the unscripted Bother! Dennis was never sure how he would fill his 90-minutes of Milne, but invariably began: "Wherever I am, there is always Pooh".