Eating disorder diagnosed for Pooh Bear

January 27, 2009
Pooh honey jar

It is news that no Pooh fan would have ever thought of and as news spreads that the return of the world's most adorable bear to his home the Hundred Acre Wood is going to be coupled with a psychological analysis for the bear's 'chronic binge eating' fans are really distraught at the very thought of Winnie the Pooh will have some negative aspects.

And its not just Pooh but rather all of his other animal friends are diagnosed with some sort of ailment. For instance Eeyore is diagnosed with depression and prescribed 'Prozac', Tigger on the other hand is prescribed Ritalin for his behavioural problems so as to assist him with his 'bouncing' behaviour. While Kanga being a single mom is made to abide by the government policy wherein single mothers' like her need to get a market job.

This is an updated version of Winnie the Pooh and the publishers felt that new age readers would like an explanation as in if the characters have such dysfunctional behaviour then there would certainly be some fallouts of their habits and hence the changes.

There is also a new book soon in the offering wherein Christopher Robin tries to escape from social work to reunite with his animal friends.