Winnie the Pooh paintings to beautify abandoned city

October 13, 2008
Photo of Wall Murials of Winnie the Pooh

This piece of news is somewhat good to hear but also leaves you saddened upon hearing the state of an industrial city. It has been reported that a woman living in the abandoned industrial city of Flint, Michigan has started painting the walls of empty homes with pictures of Winnie the Pooh and the other characters in order to beautify it and help people take their minds of the sorrowful state it currently is experiencing.

The lady whose name is Kristina Pringle and is aged 20 is making full use of her hobby and love for Winnie the Pooh to promote her city a place where locating oneself is still not such a bad idea. "I'd like to make my street better, for sure," said Pringle. "And drawing is something I like to do."

We too hope that her efforts and the many Winnie the Pooh character painting bring back some sort vibrancy to this economically depressed area.