Which Pooh Are You?

July 12, 2008

Is there a Pooh inside you? Well, yes, there is a Pooh character that resides inside each one of us and it's all about finding which one you'd like to be. Just start a general conversation by asking you friends, relatives or your neighbor and ask which Pooh character would they be most comfortable relating to.

"Who are you, Kathy?" (Your next door neighbor)
"Me? Not so sure, but I think there's a little Piglet in me. I can be a wee bit shy at times. I like surprises, but can't imagine myself living with a Tigger. Tigger's is a bouncy fellow who looks for fun all the time. So which Pooh character do you associate the most with? Kanga - the mother Kangaroo, Little Joey Roo, Piglet the shy and diminutive pig who get nervous in Tigger's presence, Eeyore the gloomy donkey who expects nothing from life, Tigger the bouncy full of life tiger who lives on adventures, Owl who is the wisest of them all and thinks he knows everything, Rabbit intelligent and organized, Winnie the Pooh laid back, loves to eat and makes friends with every one or Christopher Robin, the little boy who is a human amongst all these forest animals and helps solve their problems.