For Disney Live families do matter

August 30, 2008

The family show Disney Live' is run by family business owners, Alana Feld and her sister Nicole Feld are executive vice president of Feld Entertainment. Feld Entertainment has the franchise for Disney Live! Disney Live' tours for six months during a year visiting 75 cities in the process. The show's latest stop is the Chavez Theatre.

The two sisters have given Pooh and his friends a high-tech makeover. Computerized lighting and digital video screens add to the experience and standbys like audience singalongs & dance-alongs ensure that the audiences are very much a part of the proceedings.

The show showcases the Hundred Acre Wood which was originally created by A.A. Milne, where Pooh's friends are planning a surprise birthday party for him. Pooh's friends, the bouncy Tigger, gloomy Eeyore and loyal Piglet are all involved. The silent feature of this show is that it delivers a message conveying friendship and healthful habits. The show tries to deliver a positive message to the kids many of whom would probably be seeing their first live show.