Appeal goes out to save Poohsticks Bridge

August 14, 1999

The East Sussex County Council are appealing to U.S. film makers Disney to help save Winnie the Pooh's favorite bridge. Crowds of Pooh fans from all over the world have worn out the old wooden bridge in Ashdown Forest.

County Council spokeswoman Jan Wright said: "It is now 20 years old and we would be looking at replacing it with the same design and it is estimated costs could be between £30,000-£40,000". She added that it was thought to be better to replace the whole structure rather than repair the bridge in piecemeal fashion but as yet there is no time-scale to plans or budget provision and the Council was looking at ways of trying to get hold of the money for the work.

The council had so far written to Disney and to the Countryside Agency asking for financial help and is waiting for a response. But Mrs Wright gave assurances the bridge is in no danger of collapse and is safe for people to use.

A spokesman said that at the moment no-one from Disney was available to comment.

For more information about this bridge or Ashdown Forest, check the Ashdown Forest-page in the history-section of this site.