Winnie the Pooh prefers juices

August 4, 2008

Disney Consumer Products is partnering Calypso Soft Drinks and the two have launched a new drink with Winnie the Pooh branding and high fruit juice content, which consists of seventy-five percent fruit juice with natural mineral water coming from Calypso owned & official source in North Wales. The product has been launched in Britain with the intention to help the kids in Britain take up healthier soft drinks from an early age.

The drink is already available at Tesco and Sainsbury's, the drink's makers are primarily targeting kids of the age group 6 & under, and for that reason Winnie the Pooh branding has been chosen as the label on the bottled water as kids of this age will easily relate to Winnie the Pooh and the other characters originally created by AA Milne.

There are only a handful of characters that have been able to retain their appeal amongst kids for such a long period of time and undoubtedly Pooh characters are one of them. Pooh stands for being true and pure amongst children so something that pure and beneficial for their health would have them interested if they are endorsed by Winnie the Pooh.