Bear from the wild has head stuck in a jar

July 31, 2008
Photo of the real Winnie the Pooh bear

Upon having a look at the picture of this black bear you could be forgiven for thinking of this bear to be the real Winnie the Pooh as his head is stuck in a jar filled with honey. Though this bear does not belong to the Hundred Acre Wood but his fondness for honey landed him in pain when his head was stuck inside a 2 gallon plastic jar.

This incident took place on July 21st when people taking part in the Turkey Day celebrations 1st spotted this bear in the backwoods town of Lake George, Minnesota. Thereafter, park rangers rallied for some 6 days in attempt to get hold of this bear and remove the plastic jar off its head and release it safely back into the forest. But their efforts failed and ultimately the police had no option but to shoot it dead or else the bear would have died of dehydration and hunger.

Picture of Pooh and Cristopher Robin

Indeed a tragic end to what most believe was a situation that could have been averted if the authorities would have used tranquillizers to 1st get the bear to be unconscious, then cut the jar and release it. A.A. Milne would certainly have not written a story to end in this manner.