A Winnie the Pooh plays at People's Theatre

July 29, 2008

Winnie the Pooh the original story by A.A. Milne needs no introduction and when there is a play based on this book it is time for the entire family and especially the kids to take active part. The production tries to replicate the adventures of Winnie the Pooh and his friends who live in the Hundred Acre Wood. Here the bouncy Tigger, gloomy Eeyore, and brave Piglet and all the others set about trying to put together a out of this world' surprise birthday party for honey hungry Pooh. Also Pooh bumps into honey bees, heffalumps, adventure and friendship on road to finding his favorite honey.

The backdrop is of course a colorful representation of the Hundred Acre Wood, the pooh tales which were originally written by A. A. Milne, are showcased in an interactive fashion. On display are be elegant costumes, splendid musical scores and contemporary songs all to make the production an unforgettable experience for you.

Bookings can be confirmed via Computicket or you can get in touch with People's Theatre, on 011-403-1563.