Fun with Winnie the Pooh in Disney Friends

March 17, 2008

Disney Friends, this is a brand new interactive game that Disney Interactive Studio has come out with and is available through Nintendo DS. There is a touch screen and a microphone where kids can interact with Disney characters like Winnie the Pooh, The Lion King, Stitch and Dory from Finding Nemo. Games such as honey-pot-hunting feature Winnie the Pooh. Disney has labelled it ‘virtual life simulator’.

The game offers the players a chance to knowing what it is to take responsibilities and nurture friendship as well. There are enjoyable activities and adventure to indulge one into and they all revolve around Pooh, Dory, Simba and Stitch and protecting them and caring for them. It all starts off by kids being trained to become guardians and get acquainted with their home base, meet friends, buy food, treats and decorations with collectible gold coins.

Most of the time is spent feeding, petting and playing easy games with their friends, like building a miniature town for Stitch or tossing a ball. Disney has done quite a good job here, giving the children something different than the usual, run of the mill TV shows. Here they can get creative and also learning a thing or two about caring for their friends.