Pooh character baby bibs could have high toxic level

August 16, 2007

Now baby bibs too could have more than permissible levels of lead. As much as 3-4 times of what the environmental protection agency allows has been found in baby bibs that were sold at Toys “R” Us, US’s 2nd largest toy seller. Some of these bibs have been made in China and the Oklahoma Poison Control Center has asked parents not use such bibs. A bib with Winnie the Pooh character tested positive for containing lead in concentrations way above the permissible levels in paint.

But the same bib having a Winnie the Pooh character is not on sale in Australia said Toy “R” Us. In South Africa three types of toys have been taken off the shelves, the Pixar Car, Barbie Doll and Tanner and the Mattel Polly Pocket play set. Issy Zimmerman, director Toys “R” Us has said that all products that are thought to have high lead level are no longer on sale at its stores.