DS fun with Disney Friends

July 3, 2008

Once you have got the Disney Friends for the Nintendo DS you will have the schedule for the play date where Disney characters like Dory from ‘Finding Nemo’, Simba from ‘The Lion King’, Winnie the Pooh and Stitch from ‘Lilo & Stitch’ shall all come forward to be your child’s friends.

Mimicking sent Nintendoogs to the top of the DS game sales chart and now you can get to be the guardian of these renowned cartoon characters thanks to Disney. Your job as guardian involved taking care of them by the way of ensuring that they are not bored, well fed, get music to listen to and get adequate rest. The game begins with you receiving training to be a good guardian, imparted by the 3-eyed alien from Toy Story. Upon getting acquainted with the DS stylus and how to approach Tinkerbell’s store for toys & supplies you then get to meet Stitch. While interacting with Stitch you are awarded points and when you are playing with your cartoon friends you are required to find coins which in turn allow you to purchase things that will take care of your friends.

The game is played over a period of time. The game applies the DS clock for things to be initiated. Some games can be played just one time in a week while other games have special days when the connects are more rewarding. It is an excellent game for the growing kids as they learn to nurture and also take care of their friends.

There a few microscopic flaws as well, such as there being tiny fonts sign boards for direction which make reading them a little difficult, whereas some could be confusing. But as the kids go through the different levels this game shall be a great activity and sheer enjoyment.