Winnie the Pooh cards from Disney and Hallmark

June 13, 2008

The world’s leading children’s cartoon and movie producer Disney has decided to come out with musical and soundbites birthday cards that will play music from its hugely popular movies and characters. Disney has chosen Hallmark as its partner for this venture and Hallmark shall create the cards to be soon available through retails stores.

Music and soundbites from some of the Disney’s modern hits like High School Musical 2, Hannah Montana and Pirates of the Caribbean shall be available on these cards. That’s not all even classics like Winnie the Pooh shall feature on these select cards. There will 31 cards on offer in this exclusive range.

These birthday cards shall be available for different ages, son, and daughter and grandchild too. Not to mention universal birthday cards as well.

As a part of its publicity drive, Hallmark has announced the running of a competition during the month of August where in its consumers could win a grand prize holiday to Paris and Florida. The competition can be entered at the retails stores where these cards will be made available.

The cards are expected to be priced at £4.99.