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A lovely spring morning   All jump with joy
All set to hit Eeyore with snow balls   Bringing a smile to all
celebrating the good times   Different faces
Different Pooh images   Disney's Winnie the Pooh DVD cover
DVD cover for Winnie the Pooh's Grand Adventure   Eeyore listens to his friends
Everyone's celebrating the arrival of the new year   Everyone's watching the stars at night
Found something   Get set go
Ghost inside the room   Group hug
Group map   Having fun around the tree in snow
Hey look what I have found   Hurray hurray its a holiday
Let's all dance   Let's beat the heat
Lets hug   Lets make toys
Like one great family   No breakfast is complete without honey
Playing in the mud   Playing in the snow
Playing with water   Pointing in all directions
Pooh holds Eeyore besides him   Pooh is Santa Claus
Pooh wants tea   Sailing in an umbrella boat
Singing Christmas carols   Smiles galore
So happy together   Surprise Surprise
The adventures of Winnie the Pooh   The Owl shows all gold brick
The Owl tells good night stories   There is some confusion
They have found Eeyore   They have found something
Tigger is all over Pooh while Eeyore flies in the sky   Tigger latches onto Rabbit while other see
Tigger points at the rainbow   Tigger reading a book to Pooh and Piglet
Tigger, Pooh and Piglet march over the bridge   What a fun filled day
What's the surprise   Where is Tigger going
Winnie the Pooh DVD cover   Winnie the Pooh group photos
Winnie the Pooh wallpaper