Winnie the Pooh Pictures - Subcategory View

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Image of Roo   Joyful Roo
Kanga & Roo in conversation   Kanga & Roo jumping
Kanga & Roo jumping   Kanga and Roo in conversation
Kanga appears to be anxious   Kanga dancing with a ballon
Kanga giving Piglet a bath   Kanga holds Roo close to her
Kanga is ecstatic   Kanga is ecstatic
Kanga is searching   Kanga is surprised
Kanga is touched when Roo brings her flowers   Kanga is unhappy with Roo for messing up the place
Kanga jumping   Kanga jumping with joy
Kanga jumps   Kanga keeps her hands folded
Kanga looks around   Kanga pats Roo
Kanga playing with Roo   Kanga plays with Roo
Kanga plays with Roo   Kanga pleasantly surprised
Kanga puts Roo to bed   Kanga serves Roo
Kanga serves Roo   Kanga tapping Roo on his head
Kanga watches with care   Roo and Kanga jumping
Roo and Tigger play   Roo dancing
Roo ecstatic   Roo expecting
Roo jumping   Roo jumping
Roo laughing   Roo likes his food
Roo looking at his mother   Roo looking up
Roo loves his ballon   Roo loves the smell of his beakast
Roo offers Kanga snacks   Roo opens his gift
Roo playing in the ice   Roo plays with Kanga
Roo plays with the birds   Roo shows Kanga his umbrella
Roo sitting on his tail   Roo sleeping on his bed
Roo with a ballon   Stop says Kanga
Wait says Kanga