Recommended Links

The Internet contains some amazing information about the magic world of Winnie the Pooh. We hope that you find Just Pooh to be both informative and lots of fun. Here are some recommended sites for finding out more about Pooh:

  • Of course we should begin with the Official Winnie the Pooh website, created by Disney. The site contains lots of fun activities and games.

  • Another excellent resource with loads of information about Pooh, AA Milne and the movies is the Wikipedia entry on Pooh.

  • Pooh the Bear is one of the best Pooh fan-sites (apart from Just Pooh of course!). The site contains more pictures, games, wallpapers and information.

  • Pooh Friends is another excellent fan-site containing lots of pictures, poems and recipes.

  • Character Gift Shop is an online shop in the UK that sells a huge range of Winnie the Pooh products such as bags, stationary, and clocks.

  • Achim The Pooh is a great information point for finding out more about Winnie the Pooh in the German language.

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