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Kanga & Roo are two of the frictional characters that appear in the books written by A.A. Milne about Winnie-the-Pooh. An interesting thing about Kanga is that she is the only female in all the books that A.A. Milne has written. Apart from her the other characters are all male. Only recently did Disney add the second female character, a 6 year old girl named Darby. Kanga & Roo live in 100 Acre Wood North. Kanga, a sweet caring mother, is regarded as one of the Fiercer Animals of the 100 Acre Wood. Kanga stands at about 30 inches tall and her favourite food is porridge. Kanga is said to be the fastest animal on the 100 Acre Wood. She is the typical mother character and can often be heard exclaiming "Now now Roo, you mustn't do that dear," to which Roo mostly replies "But moma!" Kanga is a kindhearted mother and she is willing to offer motherly advice and even food to anyone who approaches her for the same.

When Tigger visits the forest for the 1st time ever Kanga is forthcoming in taking care of him, she looks around her kitchen to find Tigger anything he would find suitable to eat and is able to find out that he is fond of the extract of malt which her son Roo actually dislikes. Thereafter she even allows Tigger to live her house. Kanga treats Tigger and the rest of the animal in much the same way she cares for Roo. According to Piglet, Kanga “isn’t clever” yet is has so much concern for Roo that she will manage to do just that in her own ways. She also does her part in acting as a motherly figure to the other Pooh characters. Among her faourite things to do are teaching Pooh how to jump, apart from that she relishes being able to impart her motherly knowledge, advice and care to the other members of the forest.

Roo is a playful, curious, happy-go-lucky child who can be quite a handful at times. Roo is a joey (baby kangaroo) who stands at 10 inches in height. The illustrations made by Ernest H. Shepard's show Roo to be a diminutive joey with brown fur and an upturned tail. Roo loves to go bouncing with Tigger, playing Poohsticks and playing in the sandy pit by his house. He also loves to get himself into trouble but the good thing is that he always learns a lesson from the mistakes he commits. Roo is amazingly enthusiastic and cheerful, he loves to discover new things in life and his joy meets no end upon discovering small little wonders along the way. When he is happy he tends to use exclamations and shall repeat things over and over again in excitement, which is a common phenomenon amongst young children. Roo is capable of being able to expressing his thoughts & feelings; he takes a loving and sympathetic view of the world around him. Since he has a sympathetic view of the world it is considered that Roo is much wiser than what his age suggests. His favorite food is milk and likes most everything except extract of malt, yet he will consume it with reluctance. Occasionally Kanga will make watercress sandwiches for Roo.

Roo is the youngest amongst all the other characters that live in the 100 Acre Wood. Due to his being a young animal his height too is relatively small; smallest in the Winnie the Pooh stories (that apart from Rabbit's relatives & friends, including Alexander Beetle). It is amused that his size is quite similar to that of Piglet, as Kanga is unable to differentiate whether Piglet has jumped into her pouch in place of Roo. Actually Roo is so tiny that at times he falls into the pot holes created by mice when he is practicing who to jump and he also relatively small enough not to be able to reach the 1st rail of the Poohsticks bridge.

Barbara Luddy and Dori Whitaker provided the voices for Kanga & Roo in the Disney Winnie the Pooh movies. The current voice for Kanga is done by Kath Soucie ( But for Kingdom Hearts series Kanga voice is Tress MacNeille, strange because Kath is a part of the voice cast for Kingdom Hearts). Tomie Kataoka lends her voice for the Japanese version.

Kanga and Roo made their presence felt in Playhouse Disney that runs on television, appearing as new neighbors who have just come from Australia and made the woods their new settlement. Despite hailing from Australia they do not sport an Australian accent.

Kanga has also featured as part of the guests’ brigade in House of Mouse & Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse.

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