Heffalump From Winnie the Pooh

Heffalump is a frictional character that has been mentioned in Winnie-the-Pooh (1926) and The House at Pooh Corner (1928) written by Author A.A. Milne. But the character of Heffalump had never been given a real structure in Milne’s children’s story books. His one and only appearance in the books comes when Pooh is once attempting to put himself to sleep and in that process he starts counting Heffalumps and every Heffalump that he envisions is making a dash right towards his pot of honey.

The Heffalump is considered to be a hostile animal in the 100 Acre Wood and comes in different shapes and sizes, though most often it is thought that a Heffalump resembles an elephant and from a child’s view point since they generally have some trouble pronouncing the word “elephant” therefore they would usually utter “Heffalump”. If the illustrations by E. H. Shepherd in A.A. Milne's are referred to then they look quite similar to an elephant.

Heffalump lives in the 100 Acre Wood but his address is not known as he is rarely seen. Upon his first appearance in front of the residing members of the forest everyone is astonished at seeing such a huge creature and Roo, Tigger and the others get nervous as he approaches them. His favourite act to do is to steal Pooh’s honey as he too is very fond of honey. The Heffalumps are shown to be the enemies of the Pooh and his friends in the animated television series.

But overall in both the animated movies as well as the television series they projected as being elephants that are far cuddlier and friendlier than what A.A. Milne’s books showed. He plays with all the other members of the forest and befriends Roo and the others. During 2 episodes of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh befriends a young heffalump named Junior.