Short Stories and Poems by Just Pooh Fans

Please enjoy these wonderful stories and poems submitted by fellow Winnie the Pooh fans:

A Poem, by Peggy Reardon

When I'm feeling down
and don't know what to do.
I take a look around
and grab my buddy Pooh.
I hold him in my arms,
snuggle him nice and tight.
He keeps me from harm,
and takes away my fright.
Pooh is my best friend.
He's with me in times of doubt.
He'll be with me until the end,
and that's one thing I never worry about.

A Poem, by Elizabeth Ygartua

First you take one plush yellow bear
Slip him in a snug red shirt
Fill his head with unexpected wisdom
Give him a heart that is loyal and true
And an insatiable appetite for honey
Now hug him tight around the waist
Or drag him by the arm
Take him everywhere you go
And share with him all that you know
Even if he doesn’t understand
He’ll still teach you
That what really matters
Cannot be learned in books
On the train, in the library, or in school
What really matters can be learned from
Friends, adventures, and imagination
So take the time to do “Nothing”
And your reward will be
Greater than any that this world can give
Your reward is the love of a friend

Pooh’s Cruise, a short story by Jessica Kerkhof

“Anchors away!” yelled Tigger as Pooh’s cruise sailed closer to an island.
“We’ve found land!” shouted Piglet from the crow’s nest.
“Come on, let’s go.” called Pooh.
Once they were all safely on land Rabbit said “I guess we should set up our tent.”
“Yes.” agreed Kanga.
“Mama, I’m going bouncing with Tigger.” Roo said.
“All right,” said Kanga, “Just don’t get lost.”
“All right.” Roo called, “Come on Tigger, let’s go.”
“Wheeee!” yelled Tigger.
“Well, Roo buddy, where do you want to go bouncing to? Huh?”, said Tigger.
“I was thinking of going around this island.” said Roo.
“Oh,” said Tigger, “Then what are you waiting for? Let’s go!”
“Yeah,” said Roo, “Let’s go!”
While Tigger and Roo were bouncing, Rabbit and Kanga were setting up the tent, and Pooh and Piglet were making dinner over the campfire.
“Mmmm, I love hunny cakes. Don’t you?” asked Piglet.
“Yes. I do believe so.” said Pooh.

“Well, where do you think we are?” asked Roo, who was really behind a rock that hid the campsite.
“I don’t know.” said Tigger, “Let’s retrace our footsteps.”
“Ok!” said Roo.

In the morning they woke to the smell of nuts, hunny, and bananas roasting over the fire.
“Morning all!” said Tigger, “How’s it going?”
“Pretty good, if I do say so myself.” said Pooh.
“Oh good!” said Tigger, “I have presents for everyone!”
“Yeah!” said Roo, “We found shells on the beach!”
“Thanks! Yeah, thanks!” said everyone.
“Look! Rabbit’s roasting marshmallows!” said Kanga.

In a couple of days Pooh and Piglet decided it was time to go. They left the island and pretty soon they were back at the Hundred Acre Woods. Christopher Robin held a big party for them. The party was very fun, but when it was over everyone was glad to go to bed, nice comfy cozy bed.

Rabbit’s Bad Habit, a short story by Jessica Kerkhof

“What a wonderful day.” said Rabbit while he was walking to his garden, “I can’t wait to pick all my beautiful vegetables.”
Later that night while Rabbit was eating some carrot stew he thought “Maybe tomorrow I’ll invite Pooh and Piglet over for a sleepover.”
Once he was done his stew he got his pyjamas on and went to bed, without brushing his teeth.
The next day Rabbit invited Pooh and Piglet over for a sleepover.
“Okay,” said Pooh, “sounds good to me.”
Then Rabbit called Piglet.
“Why of course I’ll come Rabbit.” said Piglet, “Who else is coming?”
“Pooh Bear’s coming too.” said Rabbit.
Once Pooh and Piglet arrived Rabbit said “Who wants to play tag?”
“Okay.” said Piglet.
“Yeah!” said Pooh.
After they were done playing it was time for supper. Rabbit prepared dinner, Pooh made a salad, and Piglet baked a cake. After they were done supper they put on their pyjamas, got out their teddy bears and Pooh and Piglet headed for the bathroom.
“Where are you going?” Rabbit asked.
“To the bathroom.” said Piglet.
“Why?” Rabbit said. “You went to the bathroom five minutes ago.”
“We’re going to brush our teeth.” said Pooh.
“Why?” asked Rabbit.
“So we don’t get cavities.” said Piglet.
“What are cavities?” asked Rabbit.
“It’s and infection you get in your teeth when you don’t brush them.” said Pooh.
“So, does that mean I should brush my teeth?” asked Rabbit.
“YES!” shouted Pooh and Piglet at the same time.
“Well what do I use to brush my teeth?” asked Rabbit, “A hairbrush?”
“No silly. A hairbrush is for your hair. You use a toothbrush for your teeth.” said Piglet.
“Where do you get a toothbrush?” asked Rabbit.
“At the store.” said Pooh, “But they are closed right now.”
“I have an extra.” said Piglet, “Rabbit can have it.”
“Thanks Piglet.” said Rabbit.
“You’re welcome.” said Piglet.
The next day Piglet and Pooh took Rabbit shopping for a toothbrush of his own, some tubes of toothpaste, some mouthwash and some dental floss. Then they took him to Owl so he could check his teeth. When Owl saw Rabbit’s teeth he ran away screaming because they looked so bad. So Piglet and Pooh took Rabbit home and they helped him take care of his teeth.
Now, if you want to know who has the cleanest and whitest teeth in the Hundred Acre Woods, believe it or not, it’s Rabbit!

Owl’s Foul, a short story by Jessica Kerkhof

“And the game is close.” yelled Kessie from the announcer’s booth, “The Honeybees have 18 points and the Acorns have 16 points. Oh, but wait, Owl is up to bat. And he hits it. Now the Acorns have 20 points”
“Whoo! We won!” the Acorns shouted. “Good game.” said the Honeybees.
“Like always, I saved the day.” said Owl.
“Well, you don’t have to brag.” said Piglet, “Maybe sometime I’ll save the day.”
“I don’t think that will happen because you’re so small.” said Owl.
“Owl, don’t be so mean.” said Tigger.
“Well it’s not like I’ll ever get a foul” said Owl.
“Same time next Sunday” said Eeyore.
“Yep.” said Piglet.
Nest Sunday when Owl got up to bat Rabbit pitched wand Owl MISSED!
“He missed.” “He got a foul.” “What will he do?” the crowd said.
Then Piglet walked up to the plate. Rabbit pitched. Piglet hit the ball and got a HOMERUN!
After the game Pooh went up to Owl, “Your team won, why aren’t you happy?” asked Pooh.
“Because, I didn’t win it for them.” replied Owl.
“But Piglet did.” said Pooh.
“And Piglet’s not me.” Owl said sadly.
“Anyway,” said Pooh, “We’re having a party, everyone’s invited. Are you coming?”
“I guess.” said Owl.
Just before the party started Piglet and Pooh Bear made a cake. It was shaped like a baseball.
“I sure hope Owl can come.” said Pooh.
“Me too.” replied Piglet.
“Hi Guys.” said Owl as he walked into the room.
“Hi Owl.” said Pooh.
“Hey Owl.” said Piglet.
That night everybody had lots of fun including Owl. Now the person who knows the most about baseball and who cheers at every game for any team is Owl because he learned that everybody’s good at something, nobody’s good at everything. Everyone’s important, no matter what we look like or what we’re good at. Just be yourself and people appreciate that.

Pooh and the Kitten, a short story by Colette

One day, Pooh woke up in bed, looking for honey as usual. When he opened the pantry, there was the honey. "Now the rumbly in my tumbly will stop." said Pooh. Prrrrrip! Meow! "What could that be?" said Pooh. Prrrrip! Prrrip! Meow! Then, Pooh heard an awkward scratching noise at the door. Srrrrch..... Srrrrrch..... Srrrrrch...... Srrrrrch....... Pooh opened the door and saw a grey and white kitten standing at the door. Prrrrip! "Oh," said Pooh. "It's just a cat. I'll keep you and name you Honey!"

Tigger Comes to the Forest, a short story by Sarah Lawyer

Winnie the pooh woke up suddenly in the middle of the night and listened to a strange noise coming from outside. Then he got out of bed and lit his candle and stumped across the room to see if any one was searching through his honey cupboard, when he got there he couldn't see any thing there so he stumped back again, blew his candle out and got back into bed. Then he heard the noise again "is that you piglet" he said. But it wasn't "come in Christopher Robin" he shouted but Christopher Robin didn't. "Tell me to-morrow Eeyore, said Pooh sleepily. But the noise went on. 'Worraworraworraworraworra,' said whatever it was, Pooh found out that he wasn't asleep after all.

'What can it be?' he thought. 'there are lot of noises in the Forest, but this is a different one. It isn't a growl, and it isn't a purr, and it isn't a bark, and it isn't the noise- you- make- before- beginning- a- piece- of- poetry, but it's a noise of some kind, made by a strange animal! And he's making it outside my door. So I shall get up and ask him not to do it.'

He got out of bed and opened his front door. 'hello!' said Pooh, in case there was anything outside. 'Hello!' said Whatever-it-was. 'Oh', said Pooh, 'hello!'

'Oh, there you are!' said Pooh, 'hello!' 'Hello!' said the strange animal, wondering how long this was going on. Pooh was just going to say 'hello!' for the fourth time when he thought that he wouldn't, so he said, 'Who is it?' instead. 'Me,' said a voice. 'Oh!' said Pooh. 'Well, come here.' So Whatever-it-was came here, and in the light of the candle he and Pooh looked at each other. 'I'm Pooh,' said Pooh.

'I'm Tigger,' said Tigger...
...Pooh and Piglet walked slowly after him. And as they walked Piglet said nothing, because he couldn't think of anything, and Pooh said nothing, because he was thinking of a poem. And when he had thought of it he began:

What shall we do about poor little Tigger?
If he never eats nothing, he'll never get bigger.
He doesn't like honey and haycorns and thistles
Because of the taste and because of the bristles.
And all the good things which an animal likes
Have the wrong sort of swallow or too many spikes.

'He's quite big enough anyhow,' said Piglet. 'He isn't really very big. 'Well, he seems so,' Pooh was thoughtful when he heard this, and the murmured to himself:

But whatever his weight in pounds,
shillings, and ounces,
He always seems bigger because
of his bounces.

'And that's the whole poem,' he said. 'Do you like it, Piglet?' 'All except the shillings,' said Piglet. 'I don't think they ought to be there.' 'They wanted to come in after the pounds,' explained Pooh, 'so I let them. It is the best way to write poetry, letting things come.' 'Oh, I didn't know,' said Piglet.

Tigger had been bouncing in front of them all this time, turning round every now and then and ask, 'Is this the right way?'-and now at last they came in sight of Kanga's house, and there was Christopher Robin. Tigger rushed up to him. 'Oh, there you are, Tigger!' said Christopher Robin. 'I knew you'd be somewhere.' 'I've been finding things in the Forest,' said Tigger importantly. 'I've found a Pooh and a Piglet and an Eeyore, but I can't find any breakfast!'

A Poem, by Victoria Roberts

I looked into my hunny pot, only the other day,
and I looked upon just then, to my utter dismay,
That it was empty, as I'd feared, eating is such a habit!
so now that I've run out of honey, I think I'll visit rabbit!
but rabbit wasn't in I say, I tried to think, who next?
I might as well keep thinking now, or I'll get in a mess!
but when thinking I've found, It's such a pain,
To be born a bear of little brain!

Winnie the Pooh Thinks What to Do, a short story by Sriparno Majumdar

One bright summer morning when everybody in the Hundred Acre Wood was busy helping each other, suddenly it started to rain very heavily. It rained that entire afternoon, evening and night. That night Pooh bear had a dream. He saw his favourite Hundred acre had no plants, no flowers, no bee and so no honey.

He was rumbly in his tumbly but not a drop of honey anywhere. That same night, Rabbit dreamt that the sudden climate change had spoiled all his carrots. Worried by their dreams they went to Owl’s house and was surprised to see Eeyore lying there with a stomach ache . Owl said that Eeyore ate something from a place where there were a lot of plastic bags around. Worried with all these changes in the Hundred Acre Wood, all of them went to Christopher Robin, and he told them that the changes are the effects of global warming caused by severe pollution. Pooh was very scared of its effects on his favourite Hundred Acre Wood and his friends. So he decided to bring all his friends together and spread an awareness to save the beautiful Hundred Acre Wood and his friends.

A short story, by Nupur

Pooh and his friends planned to do something creative. they were making toys out of clay. Suddenly Piglet came running there, bringing a little caterpillar on his hand. Rabbit took it in his hand, as caterpillar was helpless. But Pooh was planning something else!

He made a little bed out of Clay, and presented to the little Caterpillar.

Tigger brought some fresh leaves, so that little 'Katie' (Caterpillar) may eat, and all friends enjoyed helping a little creature. Pooh offered it Honey as well. Within some days, Caterpillar transformed into a butterfly, kissed all its friends very sweetly, and flew away, presenting each friend a cup of sweet Nectar.

A short story, by Makenzie Bennett

"Pooh" Where are you?" inquired Tigger. "You want to go bouncing today?"
"I'd love to Tigger, but I have some straightening up to do before Christopher Robin comes. Sorry, but maybe another time."
"Rabbit! Will you go bouncin' with me?"
"No Tigger, I have to get my carrots ready for the contest."
"Piglet! Please go bouncin' with me!"
"I'm sorry Tigger, but I'm afraid I'll fall and hurt myself"
"Please?" Tigger asked again.
"No Tigger." was all Piglet would say.
"Well, I guess I'll have to go ask Roo then." Tigger said to himself. When Tigger arrived at Kanga and Roo's house, Kanga was looking rather nervous and pacing around. Tigger asked for Roo, and he was told that he was missing.
"Missing?" How could he be missing?" Tigger inquired
"I let him out of the house to get the mail, and he never came back." Kanga answered.
Tigger replied very seriously, "Well, we've got to go out and look for him."
So off Kanga and Tigger go to find Roo. "Is Roo at your house?", they asked in turn to Pooh, Piglet and Owl. Each time the answer was no, but I'll help you look for him. Tigger suggested they look for Roo by the river because it was one of his favorite places. "Roo! Roo! Where are you?" They all called out.
Then coming from under a little bridge came Roos voice, "Right overhere!"
It turned out that Roo had been swimming the whole time. Everyone in the Hundred Acre Woods was very glad that they had found little Roo. Tigger found a bouncing partner, and Pooh got all his cleaning up done before Christopher Robin arrived. Of Course, Christopher Robin had to be told of the afternoon's events. All anyone said for awhile was, "I'm so glad that we found little Roo!"

Winnie The Pooh and his Difficult Day, a short story by Chantel Marie Weise

One day Pooh Bear was just waking up. Oh bother I forgot I was supposed to go see Piglet but a promise is a promise now I must go get dressed and go to Piglets house right away. On the way he met Christopher Robin how are you Pooh Bear said Christopher Robin I'm fine just going over to Piglets house. Were are you going and what's behind your back? Oh nothing and sorry Pooh Bear I cant tell you were I'm going its a secret well bye said Christopher Robin and he ran off. Am I forgetting something thought Pooh Bear oh yeah it's my birthday today I hope nobody forgets about my birthday oh well I guess I will find out later if anybody remembers about my birthday well I guess I should be on my way to Piglets house so off he went. Then he saw Kanga and Roo. Why how are you Pooh bear? Why I am doing quite well. Have you and Roo been doing good? Why yes Pooh well we must be on are way now were are you going? Sorry Pooh Bear its a secret. Then off they went.

This is being such a difficult day for Pooh Bear oh well I must go to Piglets house but guess who he saw. He saw Tigger, Rabbit and Owl. Well hello buddy old bear, hello Tigger were are you going? Can't tell it's a secret were are you going buddy old bear? I'm on my way to Piglet's house and I must be on my way. Bye Tigger, Owl and Rabbit bye they all said. Pooh Bear finally gets to Piglet's house. Hi Pooh Bear why hello Piglet said Pooh Bear now were are we going today well I'm taking you to a surprise. By the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Thank you piglet can you please OK take me to my surprise now Piglet. Ok so they walked and walked then Piglet took Pooh Bear right back to his house. Um Piglet why did you take me back to my house? Look HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pooh bear. Thank you every one.